The Beef Offering

Investment On The Meat Offering

  • The project will off take young steers from pastoralists, and ranchers across five livestock producing counties including Taita Taveta, Turkana, Marsabit and Machakos county.
  • Endless Africa will off take the young steers, typically 18 months old, put them in feed lots placed strategically across the Kenya livestock corridor on a 90-day Program.
  • The Program is to put the animals on good feed and employ international best standards in animal husbandry, which will ensure increased meat yield and quality for both the local and international market.
  • The project intends to capture the Kenya meat market annual deficit of 30,000 metric tones and a huge export market especially to the middle east.
Business Model
  • EAL will partner with processors to off take and process different beef products targeting all the retail and export market.
  • The project will partner with small holder farmers and pastoralists to ensure a steady supply of cattle.
  • The project will support development in the commercial beef sector by adopting international best practice in beef processing.
  • The project intends to be processing 1,000 metric tones of livestock products per annum in the next 2 years.
  • The marketing channels include
  • Meat processors and distributors
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering (HORECA)
  • The export market targeting Africa and middle east

Investment Opportunities

(in Meat Offering Components)

Feed/Fodder Investment Opportunity
  • Endless Africa is partnering with feed producers, pastoralists, livestock ranches, distributors and processors.
  • The partnership ensures that EAL is able to provide quality feed with standardized total mixed ration, TMR for its animals and have a consistent quantity and quality to the off take market.
  • This will allow EAL to control meat quality (traceability) and fattening of the livestock in shorter time period reducing the go-tomarket period.
  • The livestock will be fattened in 90-day feedlots across 4 partnering ranches in Taita Taveta and Nanyuki.
  • EAL requires an initial investment of USD 150,000 for the first 12 months of the project.
  • The investment is in either debt and/or equity.
Livestock Investment Opportunity
  • Endless Africa will engage the pastoralist community to get livestock for onward sale and for feed looting.
  • EAL is also engaging ranchers along the livestock corridor to provide cattle, lease excess capacity as holding area and setting up feedlots. This includes Agriweld ranch at Rumuruti, Ol’pajeta and Machakos.
  • This locations are strategic because of their proximity to required feeds, key markets and export hubs.
  • EAL is able to off take 3,000 cattle per month in the first year of investment to supply an export market in the middle east and the local market with quality cuts to butcheries in prime locations.
  • EAL requires an initial investment of USD 1Million for the initial livestock investment
Investment In Distribution
  • Most of the livestock in Kenya comes from the pastoralist community and along the livestock corridor including Taita Taveta, Turkana, Marsabit, Isiolo, Mandera, Wajir, and Nanyuki.
  • Transportation will be one of the main operational costs in getting the animals to the feedlots, getting animals to the processing plants and distribution to market.
  • To minimize initial investments, EAL has partnered with logistics and transportation companies to provide the service on a long term lease.
  • The logistics transporters will ensure timely delivery to processing plant and to market to optimize efficiency and reduce transport losses.
  • EAL requires an initial investment of USD 700,000 for the initial leasing costs
Investment On The Meat Offering
  • Endless Africa will partner with slaughter houses and meat processors to take advantage of the excess capacity.
  • EAL has identified and partnered with two processors in Nairobi and Nanyuki area which to enable EAL to process 70 tones of meat per week in its initial phase.
  • The products will include carcasses for export and local retail butcheries, prime cuts for the high end butcheries and the fifth quarter.
  • This locations are strategic because of their proximity to key markets and export hubs.
  • EAL will be able to process and supply to a ready market 300 tones of meat per month.
  • EAL requires an initial investment of USD 500,000 for the initial leasing investment for the first 3 months.